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Home Office criticised over child migrant family checks
Friday 21 October
Chairman of the LGA’s Asylum, Refugee and Migration Task Group, Cllr David Simmonds, featured on the front page of the Telegraph and also in the Mail, Sun, Express Online and Star Online about the need for proof that child refugees have relatives in the UK capable of taking care of them. His comments were also discussed on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme and on the Sky News newspaper review. Cllr Simmonds said: “The Home Office are saying that they have carried out checks that family members exist but in fact local authorities are being asked to check out the relatives when the children arrive. Even if the child has named a relative here, they could be lying or the relative could be lying about their ability to look after them. They might say they have a spare bedroom but then it turns out that uncle is actually sharing a bedroom with five other people above a shop. If they can’t look after the children they will go back into the system as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. The local authority then becomes responsible for their care, accommodation and education until the age of 25, under the Leaving Care Act.”
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