Coping with Change in the Workplace

Change is an unstoppable force that is all around us and is happening all the time, whether it’s your personal, professional, or organisational life, change is coming more rapidly than ever before. Everyone is involved in change –leading change, identifying the need for change or making the change happen in their work.

This course will enable participants to learn methods to cope with changes and move forward, developing their abilities to deal with setbacks, manage change, stay in control and acquire strategies to improve resilience and performance

What will I cover in the course

    • Understanding change in the workplace and why it happens.
    • Benefits of change
    • Common reactions to change
    • The change curve
    • Resistance to change
    • Personal coping strategies
    • Recognising and reducing stress
    • Resilience what is it and how to improve personal resilience


How is the course delivered

This interactive course is delivered over a 1 day session

What will I gain from this course

Recognise the reasons for change. Understand the different stages of change, reflect on own personal attitudes to change and that of others. Identify the benefits of change to the organisation and individuals. Recognise the effects of stress and how to minimise it. Develop personal strategies to cope with change. Understanding resilience and how to improve personal resilience.

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