Psychometric Testing and Assessment

Psychometric tests are powerful tools used for the selection, development and management of employees. When used for selection purposes they can provide a wide range of additional relevant information over and above that obtained from more traditional assessment methods and they can help an organisation to achieve better and fairer selection decisions.

Our range of Personality, Interest and values assessments and Aptitude and ability tests ideal in occupational selection and assessment, we also provide tests that can be used to facilitate personal development and careers guidance, measuring psychological type and occupational interests which can be used for personal development, team building, guidance and counseling.

The range of psychometric assessments below have been selected as appropriate tools to clearly identify Personality Traits, Preferences, Competencies, Leadership styles, Management styles and Ability to be used in the context of development and career coaching.

Talentridge offer a range of different tests and assessment tools that will allow you to effectively create a robust and engaging assessment process providing you with confidence in your hiring decisions.

Difficult personality characteristics, poor cognitive abilities, and even issues with integrity will not surface until after recruitment decisions have been made. You are then left to deal with the emotional strain and potential legal issues associated with having to terminate the contract, not to mention all the costs of recruiting and training new employees and the loss of productivity due to turnover.


Psychometric Assessments

Measures of Personality
Personality questionnaires provide a fair and objective method of predicting likely behaviour in a wide range of settings.

360 Assessment (provides a detailed and comprehensive assessment based on input from a ‘Focus’ (person being assessed) and by a range of ‘Reviewers’ (those working around the Focus) to obtain a full 360 feedback to support development.

360  is a powerful  assessment tool, used to gather meaningful feedback from a wide range of people about an individual’s working behaviours, such as people management, team working and interpersonal styles, with a view to improving them. This tool identifies the strengths and development needs of an individual, while also providing a comprehensive guide to suitable development interventions.


    • Select from a bank of questionnaires and 40 pre-designed competencies, or we can create your own specific assessment based on your individual or organisational needs.

    Fifteen Factor Questionnaire + (15 FQ +) provides a detailed and comprehensive assessment of personality

    The 15FQ+ measures fifteen of the core personality factors first identified by Cattell. In addition, 15FQ+ measures a number of criterion measures such as Emotional Intelligence, Team Role, Management and Subordinate styles and Counter-Productive Work behaviour. Reports cover team role behaviour, leadership, subordinate styles, career orientation, strengths and development needs.

    Occupational Personality Profile (OPPro) Provide an accurate measure of occupationally relevant personality traits

    The OPP measures nine core traits that are of particular relevance in occupational assessment. The OPPro was developed as part of an extensive research programme in major UK organisations

    Providing a detailed assessment of interpersonal style, thinking style and patterns of coping with stress. OPPro is the ideal tool to assess how a person will typically think, feel and interact.

    The report covers interpersonal needs, thinking style and emotions; it also predicts team role characteristics, preferred career themes, management and selling styles. Useful not only as a selection tool but also for assessing strengths and weaknesses for promotion, career development and training.

    Jung Type Indicator (JTI) provides a personality type classification within established framework

    Developed as a modern alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® this test assesses personality within the framework of Jung’s type theory of personality and is particularly useful for counselling, guidance, team building and examining how people will interact in group settings.   JTI Reports provide an insight into personal style, how a person typically deals with information and the role they are likely to play within a team.

    SHL Leadership

    The SHL Leadership Report provides a detailed insight into a candidate’s leadership capability by analysing their unique style of operating and suggesting the areas of leadership they have the potential to excel at as well as areas they may find more challenging.

    Based on SHL’s Leadership Model, and providing a competency-based approach to leadership, the report covers four functions critical to leadership effectiveness in any organisation: Developing the vision, Sharing the goals, Gaining support and Delivering success 

    SHL Managers Plus

    The Manager Plus Report gives a broad overview of a candidate’s working styles and behaviours.   Clients are able to review their likely behaviours and competencies within the workplace as well as using SHL Team Impact Model to provide an insight into how they would fit within a team.

    The Manager P