Recruitment & Selection

Knowing what you expect from your “Talent” is the first step and key to meeting your long term objectives.  By first gaining an understanding of your vision and long term goals, we are able to provide a comprehensive development solution to maximise on your staff potential ensuring your aims are met.

No matter how good applicants may look on paper or how positive they appear during a job interview, many job candidates lack the behavioural characteristics needed to be a good fit for the job and the organisation, some applicants are experts at fooling even the most experienced recruiter.

Talentridge offer a range of different tests and assessment tools that will allow you to effectively create a robust and engaging recruitment process providing you with confidence in your hiring decisions.

Recent studies conducted by the Royal Bank of Scotland show that the cost of a wrong hire can be in the region of a year’s salary, without even taking into    account the opportunity cost of not having a high performer in the role.  The Corporate Leadership Council puts the cost of hiring the wrong executive at three  times their annual salary.


It is not just the time and resources involved in recruiting that create organisational costs, other impacts of a slow recruitment process that add costs can be:

  •   Poor customer service
  •   Lost business opportunities
  •   The negative impact on co-workers’ morale and productivity.

TalentRidge can support you in achieving a more complete profile of your job candidates before you make those costly recruitment decisions

The tests can be used to support the HR process across a range of situations including recruitment and selection, personal development and careers coaching.

We offer a range of Personality, Interest and Values assessments, Aptitude and Ability tests and Workplace Skills assessments. For more information, take a look at our Psychometric Testing page.

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