TalentRidge (TR) - Terms & Conditions

“Services” means any delivery or services provided by TR the Company as ordered by the Client
“Company” means TalentRidge (TR)
“Client” means the person, firm or company placing an order with the Company
These terms and conditions apply to any provision of services or materials by TR the Company to the Client.
The Terms & Conditions specified herein constitute the entire contract between TR the Company and the Client. Where they conflict with any other Terms & Conditions submitted by the Client, our Terms & Conditions will prevail, no variation to these terms are permissible without written confirmation from the Company.
The prices, quantities and delivery time stated in any quotation are not binding onTR the Company. They are commercial estimates only which the Company will make reasonable efforts to achieve.
Subject to informing or obtaining such consent of the client as may be required by the code of conduct of TR, the Company shall be entitled to sub-contract all or any part of the work.
TR The Company will use its best endeavours to supply the services or materials to the client within the quoted time (as agreed) but time will not be of the essence of the contract.
The Client acknowledges that the rights to the Goods are owned by TR the Company and that the Goods are protected by United Kingdom copyright laws, international treaty provisions and all other applicable national laws.
Under no circumstances shall TR the company be held responsible for any harmful act or default by its servants or agents unless such actual default is reasonably foreseeable and avoidable by the exercise of due care on behalf of the company as its employer; nor in any event shall the Company be held responsible for any loss sustained by the client or its nominees due to burglary, theft, fire or any other cause except in so far as such loss is solely attributable to negligence of TR the Company’s servants or agents acting within the course of their employment.
9.1 All invoices of TR the Company shall be paid by the Client within thirty (30) days of the date of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company. In the event of late payment, TR the Company may charge interest on the amount outstanding before and after judgement at the rate of four (4) percent above the Base Rate of Barclay’s Bank plc in force from time to time from the due date until the date of payment. Alternatively, for invoices unpaid 30 days after the due date, TR the Company may impose a surcharge equal to 2.5% of the outstanding amount.
9.2 If any amount of the invoice is disputed by the Client,  the Client shall inform TR the Company of the grounds for such dispute within seven days of delivery of the materials or services and shall pay to TR the Company the value of the invoice less the disputed amount in accordance with these payment terms.
9.3 Where TR/the company requires payment of a deposit, the Client acknowledges that the deposit is not returnable.
9.4 All fees are exclusive of value added taxes which will be added to invoices where appropriate.
9.5 TR the Company reserves the right to increase a quoted fee in the event that the client requests a variation to the work agreed.
10.1 In view of the nature of the service, any order – once confirmed by TR the Company – is not cancellable. Cancellation of the Order by the Client will only be accepted on condition that any costs, charges and expenses already incurred, including any charges that will be levied by the list-owner on account of his expenses, work or cancellation conditions will be reimbursed to the Company forthwith.
The Company further reserves the right at its absolute discretion and without liability to cancel, an agreed course or service due to insufficient bookings or through circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company.
The Client is entitled to cancel any booking under the following terms only:
Less than 14 Working Days would be subject to full fees (Unless prior agreement has been reached with TR).
No refund of fees or transfers are allowed in the case of delegates who fail to attend
Substitutions for original nominees may be made at any time. However TR the Company is to be notified of substitutions prior to course, workshop or service commencement.
More than 14 working days but less than 28 Working Days would be subject to 10% of delivery fee Cancellations will be accepted in writing or email under the terms specified above.  Refunds will not be given for non‑attendance at a course, and the full fee will be payable.

10.2 Coaching sessions
Coaching sessions are scheduled in advance upon agreement, to secure your coaching session full payment must be made at the time of booking.

Session Cancellation / Postponement
We recognise that people’s daily lives are subject to change at short notice, however whilst we remain flexible in our support service, we are unable to reallocate Consultants or lose sessions as this impacts on our business.
You may cancel or change your coaching session by providing a minimum of 48 hours written notice prior to that session’s start time by emailing who will confirm receipt by return email.
No shows, cancelling or postponing within 48 hours of your coaching session are viewed as missed appointments and are non-refundable and will be charged for the session in full, resulting in you losing the cost and benefits of that session.
We remain flexible within in our service delivery and will allow by agreement for a booked session to be reallocated to another nominated person if you are unable to attend. If you intend offering your scheduled session to another person, this must be agreed at least 12 hours prior to session start time by contacting in this case we will require you to provide the following details:
Full Name
Email Address
Contact Telephone Number
If your nominated person fails to attend, the session will be lost and the above terms will apply.

11.1 Delivery by the Company will be deemed to have taken place when the materials/ services are handed/ delivered to the custody of the Client at his premises or to a deputed messenger or courier when posted. TR the Company will be entitled to charge the Client for any expenses of delivery other than normal postage charges.
All written notices to be served on or given to the client shall be sent or delivered to the client’s principle place of business and shall be treated as having been given upon receipt.
TR the Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection from loss, damage or destruction of the services or materials it supplies to the Client (or which may be received from the Client).
14.1 Unless agreed and indicated in writing by TR the Company, the Client (and their clients) shall be entitled to use the services and materials provided (i.e. the samples) only for the purpose of conducting market research. The Client shall not otherwise be entitled to store, pass on (whether to his/her client or other person) or use these services and materials.
14.2 The Client shall bear responsibility for ensuring that all usage of information contained within any samples is in accordance with and does not contravene any Data Protection or other laws, regulations or other trade customs and practices. TR the Company bears no liability for any omissions or faults in these respects.
Both parties shall maintain strict confidence and shall not disclose to any third party any information or material relating to the other or the other’s business which comes into that party’s possession and shall not use such information and material. This provision shall not, however, apply to information or material which is or becomes public knowledge other than by breach by a party of this clause.
Subject to the prior written consent of TR the Company the Client shall not induce to employ, whether as an employee, agent, partner or consultant, any employee of TR the Company directly associated with delivery of the Services.
17.1 TR The Company shall not be liable for any claim arising out of the performance, non-performance, delay in delivery of the Services, nor for any special, indirect, economic or consequential loss or damage howsoever arising or howsoever caused (including loss of profit or loss of revenue) whether from negligence or otherwise in connection with the supply, functioning or use of the Services.
17.2 Nothing herein shall limit either party’s liability for death or personal injury arising from the proven negligence by itself or its employees or agents.
17.3 The Client shall fully indemnify TR the Company against any liability to third parties arising out of the Client’s use of the Services
TR The Company will not be liable to the Client for any loss or damage suffered by the Client as a direct result of TR the Company, its sub-contractors or the list-owner from whom service or material is derived being unable to perform the Contract in the way agreed by reason of cause beyond its control including Act of God, accident, war, riot, lockout, strike, flood, fire, power failure, breakdown of plant or machinery, delay in transit, postal delay, or any other unexpected or exceptional cause or circumstance.
These Terms of Trading shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts