Managing the Human Side of Change

Change Management is now recognised as an important requirement for any management position with responsibilities for implementing and managing organisational or departmental change.

This course is designed to develop skills in the Human Side of Change Management using effective change management tools and techniques

What will I cover in the course

      • Understanding organisational change
      • Drivers of change: internal and external
      • The effects of change on individuals and the organisation
      • Managing resistance and gaining buy in
      • Change models and best practice for leading teams through change
      • Recognising and reducing stress in the workplace
      • Developing Leadership resilience and resilience within the workplace

How is the course delivered

This interactive course is delivered over a 1 day session

What will I gain from this course

You will be able to identify the drivers of change and understand the steps needed to be taken to ensure change is managed effectively. Examine the change process, the change curve and support stages within. Recognise why staff might resist change and how to anticipate and handle resistance. Recognising and reducing stress in the Workplace. Coping strategies and the use of tools and techniques to analyse and overcome the barriers to change.

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