Project Management

In today’s extremely dynamic and demanding environment a fixed approach to Project Management planning is no longer effective, instead more agile planning methods are required to accommodate for changing markets, technology and resources over the course of a typical project.

As a project manager you need to handle many things at once; people, stakeholders, resources, budget, assistants, technical issues. In addition, knowing how the teams are doing is essential so you don’t fall behind. It is a juggling activity and as such requires a well-practiced skill. Fortunately, there are many principles that can be used for a successful head start.

This practical course will help you to learn the skills of a successful project manager quickly and efficiently.

What will I cover in the course

You will learn how to manage time, resources, cost, risk and quality using a variety of practical hands-on exercises. This course includes the following topics:

  • Mission
  • Project Planning
  • Project Progress Monitoring
  • Handling Clients and Stakeholders
  • Handling Team Members
  • Meaningful Meetings
  • Project Close

How is the course delivered

This workshop is delivered over 1 or 2 days depending upon your requirements. It is fully interactive and will include exercises and activities.

What will I gain from this course

This course will introduce new project managers to best practices and established management techniques. In this course, you will understand the role of the project manager as a broker of information with the emphasis on the day-to-day running of a project

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