Time Management

The benefits of time management are many and varied, but some of the most important include greater productivity, confidence, the ability to meet goals and gain control over one’s life. Those who fail to properly manage their time often end up with a list of things left undone. These individuals also are often stressed out, edgy and simply not living up to their potential.

This course will benefit anyone who desires to truly get the most out of life, needs to organise themselves, has targets and deadlines to achieve and those with staff related production responsibilities.

The course is packed with practical suggestions and advice which can be applied immediately.

What will I cover in the course

  • Delegation
  • Work pattern analysis
  • Procrastination
  • Diary Control Management
  • “Prime Time” implementation
  • Prioritising and Deadline Planning
  • Handling Interruptions

How is the course delivered

This interactive course is delivered over a 1/2 day session

What will I gain from this course

Establish individual self-management and organisation style. Clarify extent of change required and prioritise goal and objective setting. Explore why targets are missed or deferred, provide solutions for minimising or avoiding self-imposed delays in future. Effective diary management and Prime time model.

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