Your Time for Positive Change

A structured, tried and tested program of identifying personal and work-related goals and objectives, designed to be an encouraging and enlightening activity providing focus and motivation to make positive changes in work and life. Start think¬ing about your needs, what is important in your life and career. Learn to prioritise and decide how you’re going to make REAL advances, identify what is holding you back and address it head on. Put an end to procrastination and maximise your potential!

A valuable aid to Strategic Business Planning and a structured system for Managing Change.

What will I cover in the course

  • How to “helicopter” over your own life to date
  • Where you are
  • What you have achieved
  • Where you have under-performed
  • Where you want to be and how to get there
  • Learn how to prioritise personal goals and set SMART objectives for the coming 12 months

How is the course delivered

This interactive course is delivered over a 1 day session

What will I gain from this course

The skills to reflect and improve self awareness, conduct a personal SWOT analysis, identify your life balance, personal aspirations, set short term SMART goals, formulate a targeted summary plan and boost personal focus, commitment and motivation to carry it out.

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