Conflict Management

Conflict is a natural and common occurrence, particularly in the workplace, failing to resolve workplace conflict can place an immense burden on your staff and organisation, but conflict is not necessarily bad, often, a conflict presents opportunities for improvement. Effectively resolving workplace conflicts has many benefits for your organisation; Increased performance, productivity and motivation; Employee retention; Reduced stress, absenteeism, presenteeism; Enhanced workplace communication, team functioning and effectiveness.

This course is designed to provide practical tips for managers and team leaders aimed at managing conflict at work, introducing an effective conflict management strategy and handle difficult conversations.

What will I cover in the course

    • Causes and impact of conflict
    • Recognising the signs of conflict
    • Conflict between individuals and between groups
    • Responses to conflict
    • Reducing the escalation of conflict
    • Preparing for and delivering a difficult conversation
    • Managing conflict between individuals and between groups
    • Methods for preventing future conflicts

How is the course delivered

This interactive workshop is delivered over a ½ day session

What will I gain from this course

An understanding of the main causes of workplace conflict, the impact of unresolved conflict on the individual and the organisation. Recognise the signs of workplace conflict. Understand the effect of adopting different styles of communication and the importance of effective communication skills when dealing with conflict and managing difficult conversations.
Apply techniques to improve conflict resolution, handle difficult conversations and anticipate, minimise and diffuse conflict situations.

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